Navy Band Southeast Delights with Holiday Concert at Riverside Park United Methodist Church

Published December 15, 2023

In the heart of Jacksonville, Florida, on December 10, 2023, the festive season was ushered in with charm and melody as the Navy Band Southeast gave an enchanting holiday concert at the Riverside Park United Methodist Church. In a performance that showcased their musical talents, the band added a touch of warmth to the winter evening, striking a chord with those in attendance who came to revel in the holiday spirit.

A Musical Gift to the Community

The concert, open to the public, was a gift that resonated well beyond the walls of the church. Featuring classic holiday tunes and heartwarming arrangements, the band, composed of Navy servicemen and women, shared not only their musical prowess but also their commitment to service through the arts. Among the performers, Musician 2nd Class Casey Knowlton stood out as he skillfully played the oboe, contributing to the rich tapestry of sounds that filled the church.

Captured Moments

Musician 1st Class Jason Andrews, also a member of the Navy, was there not only to perform but to capture the moments on camera. His photograph, now released, gives us a glimpse into the captivating performance delivered by his fellow servicemembers. Dated 12.10.2023 and later posted on 12.13.2023, the image has become a testimony to the bond between music, community, and service.

Public Domain Acknowledgement

The photo of this heartwarming event, alongside others in the series, has been classified as public domain. As indicated by PO3 Mary Fortino and identified by DVIDS, the images must adhere to copyright restrictions as posted on their site. Nonetheless, the outreach of the Navy Band Southeast during the holidays is a testament to the role music can play in unifying and uplifting spirits during festive times.

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