TikTok Introduces New Artist Accounts to Boost Musicians' Presence

Published November 30, 2023

Creators of music on TikTok now have the opportunity to enhance their visibility and connect with their audience through the platform's latest feature, 'Artist Accounts'. These accounts are designed to provide verified musicians with a collection of promotional tools that facilitate greater interaction with fans.

Verification and Promotion

Any musician who has released music can qualify for an Artist Account, which serves as a portal where fans can explore more about the musicians' work and creative journey, including new releases. To access an Artist Account, artists must have a minimum of four songs uploaded.

New Tools for New Releases

Among the support tools is the 'New Release' promotion, allowing artists to spotlight a new song up to two weeks prior to its release and up to a month after. This tool aims to drive music discovery and provide artists with an opportunity to highlight their work prominently.

Curated Music Tab

A 'Music Tab' is also featured in the new accounts, offering a streamlined presentation of an artist's music, akin to other streaming services. New tracks get updated automatically, showcasing the songs along with the total number of TikTok clips they've been used in and sample previews.

Enhanced Discoverability and Storytelling

TikTok's 'By Artist' feature permits artists to pin their preferred content on discovery pages, increasing their visibility. Another feature, 'Behind the Song', allows artists to share the inspiration and story behind their music. This has already shown to be a popular way for artists to engage on a deeper level with their audience.

Supporting Musicians' Growth

Paul Hourican, Global Head of Music Partnerships & Programming at TikTok, expressed enthusiasm for the Artist Account feature, stating it equips artists with essential tools to expand their reach on the platform. Additional functionalities like the 'Add to Music App' feature enhances engagement and encourages music discovery among fans.

Expansion into Music Streaming

This development comes as TikTok progresses into music streaming, having launched TikTok Music in various countries, offering a premium service that competes with established streaming platforms. This move underscores the platform's commitment to integrating music deeply into its ecosystem.

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