Macklemore Urges Perth Fans to Ditch Phones During Energetic Performance

Published May 21, 2024

At a lively show in Perth's HBF Stadium, American rapper Macklemore had a straightforward message for attendees: enjoy the moment and put your phones away. His request reflects a frustration shared by both performers and audience members alike, stemming from the sea of mobile phones used to film concerts, which can detract from the live experience. Macklemore emphasized that his event should be enjoyed in the present and wanted to see the audience's faces, not their gadgets.

Connecting with the Audience

Macklemore, known for his dynamic stage presence, combines his new material with fan favorites. His performances are electrifying, incorporating live bands, backup dancers, and his passion for societal issues. This mix has solidified his place within the music industry and earned him a dedicated fan base. Despite his admonition, many fans chose to continue filming his performance.

Music and Message

The concert included a track list that featured both fresh releases, such as a collaboration with Tones and I, and seminal hits like 'Thrift Shop.' Macklemore also took a moment to delve into socially charged topics, expressing his advocacy for love and liberation while confronting current political issues through his music. His set varied from high-energy numbers to more somber, thought-provoking pieces, showcasing his versatility as an artist.

Perth's Enthusiastic Reception

Even on a 'sleepy Monday night,' the energy from the Perth crowd was palpable. As more big-name artists skip Perth in favor of long-term shows in other cities, the audience's excitement was particularly vibrant. Macklemore's dream, that started at the age of seven, has translated into successful concerts and a legacy he continues to build upon with each performance.

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