Canadian Band Alvvays Triumphs Over Adversity

Published November 24, 2023

Some experiences have the power to transport us back in time, like the taste of a madeleine did for Proust's fictional character. For Molly Rankin, lead singer of the Canadian indie pop band Alvvays, this nostalgia is triggered by a sweet drink named Blue Rev, which she enjoyed in her youth in Cape Breton Island. Their third album is named after this drink, marking a delve into Rankin's past and the cultural uniqueness of her upbringing.

Links to the Past

Molly Rankin's roots are deeply intertwined with music, being the daughter of John Morris Rankin of the Celtic folk group the Rankin Family. While not proficient in Celtic music herself, Molly's heritage informs her musical sensibility. The cover of 'Blue Rev' features a childhood picture of Molly and her parents, providing a glimpse into her personal history.

Music and Memory

Alvvays has an affinity for the 'three-minute guitar pop' genre and treasures ties to musical influences such as the Australian band the Hummingbirds. Their love for the genre is evident in their covers and esteem for past indie icons.

Overcoming Challenges

The journey to their third album was fraught with challenges, from a home invasion that resulted in the theft of new song recordings to a flood threatening their recording studio. Despite these setbacks and the impact of the pandemic, which sparked rumors of the band's end, Alvvays persisted. Rankin has embraced a newfound confidence in her songwriting and performance style, rejecting classic rock expectations in favor of a more stoic stage presence that allows her to focus on her music.

Alvvays' Continuing Journey

Rankin's growth as an artist and Alvvays' resilience is evident as they come out stronger with Rankin feeling liberated from past constraints. Their music, resonating with shoegaze influences, demonstrates their evolution through adversity. Now, they're set to impress audiences in Australia with their compelling indie pop tunes.

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