OneFour Set for Headlining Performance at Melbourne's RISING Festival

Published March 11, 2024

The hip-hop scene is set to witness a significant moment as the Western Sydney rap group OneFour prepares to headline the upcoming RISING festival in Melbourne. This event marks a considerable milestone for the group, as it will be their first-ever headline show in the city. The RISING festival is poised to host OneFour on Saturday, June 8 at Festival Hall, a venue that can house a crowd of 5500 attendees.

OneFour's Journey to RISING Festival

OneFour's path to the RISING festival stage has been fraught with challenges. A 2019 national tour fell through due to police interference which has had a lingering impact on their touring schedule. Nonetheless, members Jerome 'J Emz' Misa and Spencer 'Spenny' Magalogo, along with the rest of the group, are eager to showcase their talents at this prominent event. The festival represents a new beginning for the group and its fanbase.

Hannah Fox, the co-artistic director of RISING, is keen on supporting OneFour, emphasizing the festival's commitment to contemporary Australian artists who bring unique narratives to their work.

Navigating Controversies and Setbacks

OneFour's music, often reflecting on Western Sydney's gang culture, has been a point of contention, attracting police attention and claims of inciting violence. This perception led to previous show cancellations and even an attempt by NSW Police to remove certain tracks from streaming platforms.

The group has also dealt with personal setbacks, as three members faced imprisonment for a 2018 incident. Despite these obstacles, the group has reorganized and is ready to move forward, with the RISING festival being a testament to their resilience and perseverance.

The Future of OneFour

OneFour is experiencing changes, with Pio 'YP' Misa departing on a spiritual path, and Salec 'Lekks' Su'a facing deportation despite remaining a group member. However, with the upcoming festival, there is a sense of optimism for a fresh start.

RISING festival organizers, undeterred by past controversies, are confident that OneFour's performance will proceed without issue and have had supportive dialogue with Victoria Police.

The addition of OneFour to the festival's lineup, which spans various art forms and features over 400 artists, underscores RISING's dedication to diverse and dynamic cultural expressions. For OneFour, this performance is an opportunity to regain momentum and introduce new work, including a long-awaited album that reflects their journey and growth.

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