Adele Springsteen: The Rock ’n’ Roll Heart Behind The Boss

Published February 2, 2024

The rock ’n’ roll essence of Bruce Springsteen’s music has a source, and it is none other than his mother, Adele Springsteen. Sadly, Adele passed away at the grand age of 98 this past Wednesday, leaving behind not just a legacy through her son, but a story of nurturing talent and unyielding support.

The Gifts That Shaped a Music Icon

Adele played a monumental role in Bruce's life by purchasing his first electric guitar and inspiring him to embrace music and dance. Throughout his childhood, Adele's love for Top 40 tunes would resonate in their household, compelling a young Bruce to not only listen but to move to the rhythm alongside her.

Bruce’s work ethic and resilience were also modeled after his mother's own dedication to her job as a legal secretary. Her discipline and professional demeanor, as well as her joy for living, were instilled in him from a young age. Bruce often reflected on these values with fondness, crediting his mother with his spirited outlook on life.

A Supportive Force in the Background

Adele’s influence persisted as Bruce's career soared. She meticulously preserved his career milestones through scrapbooks, a testament to her unwavering support. Her presence at his concerts was another clear sign of encouragement; Adele would often be seen dancing joyously, even as age and health challenges like Alzheimer's disease became a part of her story.

In his memoir 'Born to Run', Bruce credits his mother with shielding him from the harder edges of life, particularly those emanating from his father’s struggles with depression. Adele was portrayed as a beacon of hope and unwavering strength, traits that Bruce admired and absorbed throughout his upbringing and into his music career.

A Legacy Echoed in Music and Memory

Bruce's songs often convey a struggle between light and darkness, a duality he attributes to his parents’ contrasting dispositions. Yet even as Bruce matured and his music gained complexity, the joyous spirit imparted by his mother never faded. In 'Springsteen on Broadway', he dedicated the heartfelt song 'The Wish' to his mother, highlighting the foundational role she played in his success.

The impact of Adele Springsteen's unwavering love and encouragement has stretched beyond the personal sphere of her family to touch the lives of millions who have found inspiration in the music of her son, Bruce. Her spirit continues to resonate in the arenas filled with fans, where the echoes of joy that she instilled are sung loud and clear.

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