Warner Music Group Announces 600 Job Cuts to Boost Music Investments

Published February 8, 2024

Warner Music Group (WMG), a leader in the global music industry, has made a significant announcement regarding its workforce. The company is set to lay off an estimated 600 employees, which constitutes about 10 percent of its total workforce, as a strategic move to free up funds for music investments over the coming decade.

Impact on Warner Music Group's Employees

The layoffs will predominantly affect those working within the company's owned and operated media outlets, corporate departments, various support roles, and the in-house advertising sales division. This major decision comes as part of WMG's effort to realign its resources towards its core music business.

Potential Sales and Shutdowns

In a communication to employees, CEO Robert Kyncl mentioned that WMG is contemplating the sale of media properties such as Uproxx and HipHopDX. Additionally, the company is planning to shut down Interval Presents, a podcasting brand, and IMGN, a social media content publisher.

Strategic Priorities and Savings

Kyncl explained the rationale behind these changes, expressing the company's intent to proactively create a sustainable competitive edge. The focus will be on increasing investments behind artists and songwriters, acquiring new skills, and embracing technology to meet the company's strategic goals.

Notices have started to be sent out to the affected employees, with the majority expected to be informed by the end of September 2024. WMG anticipates these actions will lead to approximately $200 million in cost savings by the end of September 2025, which will be re-invested into the business.

Previously in March of the preceding year, the company had already reduced its team by 270 employees, an indicator of ongoing restructuring efforts aimed at adapting to new market realities.

Kyncl urged the necessity of tough decisions for the company to seize future opportunities, signaling ongoing transformations within WMG to stay ahead in the music industry.

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