Music Licensing Powerhouse Acquires Royalties of Iconic Songs

Published November 27, 2023

In a landmark deal that signals a significant shift in the music industry, Music Licensing, Inc., known for operating under the OTC Pink marketplace as SONG, has made headlines by securing substantial royalty stakes in a series of highly acclaimed songs. These stakes encompass Mechanical Rights, Public Performance Rights, and Sync Rights, highlighting the company's strategic focus on diverse and innovative revenue avenues.

Strategic Acquisition and Industry Impact

The recent acquisition by Music Licensing, Inc. includes the rights to songs from a roster of renowned artists such as Elton John, Miley Cyrus, Lil Wayne, Lil Nas X, XXXTENTACION, and Halsey. This move not only solidifies the company's position in the competitive music licensing arena but also reflects its commitment to cultivating a robust portfolio of rights that promise to yield substantial returns.

Administration through Kobalt Music Group

The administration of these newly acquired rights will be facilitated by a third-party agreement with Kobalt Music Group, a respected name in music rights management. This partnership is expected to ensure the effective and prestigious handling of the rights, adding to the significance of the acquisition.

Implications for the Music Ecosystem

The inclusion of iconic songs in Music Licensing, Inc.'s catalog demonstrates the company’s dedication to enhancing the value and reach of musical works. With this strategic expansion, they set new benchmarks for innovation and success in the music rights industry.

About Music Licensing, Inc.

Operating as Pro Music Rights, Music Licensing, Inc. stands as one of the newest public performance rights organizations in the United States. With a substantial market share and a broad repertoire of over 2.5 million works, the company represents a diverse array of artists and genres, along with pioneering the representation of Artificial Intelligence-created music.

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