Spotify Introduces Music Videos for Premium Users in Latest Update

Published March 13, 2024

Spotify Technology SA (SPOT) has unveiled a significant update for its premium subscribers across 11 markets, with the incorporation of music videos within the streaming platform. This development positions Spotify alongside Alphabet Inc.'s YouTube Music, which has long featured music videos alongside its tracks.

Music Videos Arrive on Spotify

At the moment, Spotify's beta version of this new feature showcases a select roster of music videos from prominent international artists such as Ed Sheeran, Doja Cat, Ice Spice, as well as local musicians like Aluna and Asake. This addition to Spotify’s offerings aims to deepen the relationship between fans and artists by presenting a more immersive listening and viewing experience. Charlie Hellman, Spotify's Vice President and Head of Music Products, emphasized the significance of music videos in transforming listeners into active fans.

The Competitive Edge

Spotify’s introduction of music videos not only enhances its platform but also keeps it competitive with services like YouTube Music, which provides users with the option to switch between audio-only or video formats. Spotify's ongoing innovation includes integrations such as Canvas, Clips, Artist Bios, Live Events, and Merch, with Canvas' interactive visuals in particular, having been credited for increasing user engagement on the platform.

In response to feedback from users and artists alike, Spotify plans to continually evolve the music video feature, with intentions to amplify its catalog and extend availability to additional audiences and territories.

Contextual Developments

This announcement comes at a time when Spotify has raised its subscription prices in France following a new tax established to support the French music industry, effective January 1st. Early in the month, Spotify gained an advantage in its ongoing competition with Apple Inc., as the European Union imposed a $1.95 billion antitrust fine on Apple for limiting other music streaming platforms, including Spotify, from pointing out alternative payment methods beyond the App Store.

While these industry shifts occur, Spotify’s stocks have seen minor fluctuations, with a slight decrease noted in recent trading sessions.

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