Nitin Sawhney Cancels Concerts Due to Emergency Heart Surgery

Published March 6, 2024

Nitin Sawhney, a celebrated musician of the nineties, faces a major health scare that has forced him to clear his schedule of upcoming performances. The 59-year-old artist had to be rushed into emergency surgery after experiencing a heart attack.

Unexpected Health Crisis

The composer took to social media to disclose the distressing events that led to his recent hospitalization. Sawhney shared the harrowing details of blacking out and awakening in a 'pool of blood' due to injuries sustained from falling onto a glass table during his heart attack.

Having undergone two emergency surgeries with a third planned for the near future, Sawhney praised the national healthcare service for their excellent care. Despite leading a healthy lifestyle, the musician was caught off guard by the incident which he attributes to a genetic predisposition for cardiovascular issues, a health concern that his immediate family has also faced.

Scheduled Appearances Postponed

Due to these unplanned medical procedures, Sawhney has cancelled his upcoming concert in Australia as part of the WOMADelaide tour, with hopes to participate next year. He remains optimistic, however, about his UK Identity Tour, which he aims to embark upon in April with stops in major cities including Glasgow and London.

The artist also reported having to reschedule a performance with The Hallé originally set for May. In light of his own experiences, Sawhney encourages others, especially within the British Asian community, to get their heart health checked regularly to prevent such unexpected medical emergencies.

Accolades and Career

Nitin Sawhney is widely recognized for his musical contributions with over 20 international awards under his belt, including a CBE and an Ivor Novello Lifetime Achievement Award. His illustrious career includes collaborations with iconic figures such as Paul McCartney and Pink Floyd, and his recent work on a UK number one album.

His decision to accept a CBE in 2019, after declining an OBE in 2007, was a tribute to his parents' 'immigrant experience' and the strides he has made in his career.

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