Body of Freedom Exhibit in Riverside Celebrates Social Justice Through Art

Published February 2, 2024

A powerful exploration of social justice and equity has emerged in downtown Riverside with the recent unveiling of the 'Body of Freedom' exhibit. This meaningful showcase commenced on the evening of Thursday, February 1, at The Center for Social Justice & Civil Liberties. Visitors are invited to take part in the six-week exhibition which features an array of art forms from local community members and students, all reflecting a commitment to social justice.

Inaugural Festivities

The exhibit's opening night was a vibrant celebration with captivating performances. Rommel Motley was spotted seated beneath a door adorned with his wife Edith Motley's artwork. A striking performance of the 'Freedom Dance' was set to the Beatles' 'Blackbird', leaving the audience deeply moved. The exhibition brimmed with life as children joined in drum circles, fashion shows demonstrated social statements, and live poetry readings infused the space with raw emotion. Throughout the evening, the Freedom Choir's renditions provided an inspiring soundtrack to the gathering.

Community Collaboration and Contributions

'The Body of Freedom' is the culmination of communal collaboration and creativity. Prior to the exhibition, art workshops offered an open space for high school and college students, along with community members, to express themselves through art. One result was a mural at Riverside’s Ramona High School which now serves as a symbol of the endeavor's success. The Center for Social Justice & Civil Liberties, in partnership with the Riverside Community College District, the Arts Magnet Program at Ramona High, Division 9 Gallery, and the Inlandia Institute, facilitated this initiative. Support from the California Arts Council played a pivotal role in the project's fulfillment.

Exuding the spirit of unity and the pursuit of justice, 'The Body of Freedom' exhibit can be visited until mid-March. The local community has lent its talent and voice to make this exhibition a resonant space where art meets activism.

Exhibition Details

The exhibit will remain open to the public through to Saturday, March 16, rooting the Center for Social Justice & Civil Liberties as a beacon of artistic advocacy. For those hoping to attend and be a part of this unique intersection of art and social consciousness, information on visiting hours and location is readily available.

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