Drake Speaks Out Against the Grammys on Award Night 2024

Published February 5, 2024

Hip-hop star Drake issued a bold statement just hours before the commencement of the 2024 Grammy Awards, criticizing the award show's credibility and influence on the music industry. On Instagram, he conveyed his thoughts, emphatically stating that the Grammys do not hold weight in their domain. While many awaited the evening's festivities at Los Angeles' Crypto.com Arena, the 37-year-old artist made his sentiments clear.

Drake's History with the Grammys

Having accepted the Grammy for Best Melodic Rap Performance in the previous year, Drake reminded his fellow artists in an Instagram story that the ceremony merely represents a group's perspective, suggesting a nontransparent selection process. The caption accompanying his acceptance video underscored the notion that the Grammys are not an absolute measure of success or talent.

The Message to his Peers

In a move that underlines his detachment from the awards, Drake offered his congratulations to hip hop award winners but reinforced the idea that the award show's outcomes have no bearing on the worth of an artist's work. At the same time, he was performing on tour in Tampa, Florida with artist J. Cole, far from the Grammy spotlight.

Despite his album 'Her Loss', a collaborative work with 21 Savage, being nominated for four categories at this year's Grammys, Drake left empty-handed. His discontent with the Grammys dates back several years, including boycotting the 2017 event and withdrawing nominations in 2022 over categorization issues. He has voiced frustrations about being pigeonholed as a rapper due to his race and past work, rather than being recognized in more fitting categories.

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