Switzerland Triumphs at Eurovision 2024 While Armenia Secures Eighth Place

Published May 11, 2024

In an exhilarating finale to the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, Switzerland emerged victorious with their entry 'The Code' performed by the artist Nemo. The contest, known for its celebration of diverse musical talent across Europe, saw a wide array of performances this year, but it was Switzerland who took the crown with a grand total of 591 points.

Eurovision 2024 Scoreboard Highlights

The competition was fierce, with Croatia closely trailing the winners with 547 points, followed by Ukraine with 453 points. France and Israel also showcased strong entries, landing in fourth and fifth places with 445 and 375 points respectively. Armenia's act LADANIVA put up an impressive performance as well, finishing in the 8th position in the final score tally.

Armenia's Journey in Eurovision 2024

Armenia delivered a captivating performance as the 19th act of the night. Despite not taking the top spot, the Armenian representative LADANIVA garnered significant attention and acclaim, ultimately securing a respectable 8th place in the overall competition. It was a night of highs for the nation as they celebrated their undeniable impact on the Eurovision stage.

The event was not only about winning but also fostered the spirit of unity and showcased the richness of European music cultures. The Eurovision Song Contest continues to be a platform where countries can celebrate their uniqueness through the universal language of music.

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