Kelly Ripa's Friendly Bet: Mark Consuelos Might Deliver an 'Acceptance Speech' Without Being An Oscar Nominee

Published March 12, 2024

Kelly Ripa, during a recent 'Live with Kelly and Mark' episode, revealed a humorous wager she had with the show's team regarding co-host Mark Consuelos. Despite having never been nominated for an Oscar, Ripa bet that Consuelos was so mentally prepared for their Oscar show special that he would unintentionally start an acceptance speech when he took the stage at the Dolby Theatre. This speculation arose due to the couple's participation in 'Live's annual post-Oscars show, which was a first for Consuelos as co-host.

Mark Consuelos' Stage Superstition

Consuelos remarked on Tuesday's show about his reluctance to come onto the iconic stage, explaining a personal superstition that he preferred to save his first official step onto the Dolby Theatre stage for when he's either nominated or part of a nominated film. Ripa playfully warned their team about this potential scenario, jokingly suggesting there was a high chance for an impromptu speech.

Behind the Scenes Bet

Behind the scenes, the fun prediction turned into a betting game among the staff. Ripa jestingly noted that she absolutely expected her husband to begin thanking people, particularly her, if such a spontaneous moment occurred. They both agreed on the importance of acknowledging one's spouse, should a real acceptance speech opportunity ever present itself.

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