Music Licensing, Inc. Combats Misinformation with Cease and Desist Orders

Published February 27, 2024

On February 27, 2024, Music Licensing, Inc., a reputable name in the field of music licensing, took a critical step to protect its brand and investors. The company, traded under the symbol OTC: SONG, targeted two main entities, Mt. Zion Market Ventures LLC and an individual named Jacob Slade, with formal cease and desist notices. This decisive action was in response to a smear campaign that aimed to tarnish the company's reputation with false claims.

Investigation Leads to Action

Following a thorough investigation, the company uncovered a deliberate scheme by Mt. Zion Market Ventures LLC and Jacob Slade to spread fabricated stories through social media and online forums. These false narratives were specifically designed to mislead new and inexperienced traders in the over-the-counter (OTC) and small-cap markets, potentially influencing market sentiment to the detriment of Music Licensing, Inc. and its shareholders.

Safeguarding Corporate Integrity

To counteract the devious activities, Music Licensing, Inc. swiftly issued cease and desist notices, demanding a halt to the distribution of erroneous and defamatory content about its operations. While the cease and desist orders serve as the company's initial response, it does not rule out the possibility of further legal actions if the spread of misinformation continues.

Forward-Looking Statements and Disclosures

Music Licensing, Inc. advises its shareholders and the public to rely on authentic sources for information, stressing that only official company communications, SEC filings, and press releases should be considered when evaluating company news. Additionally, it's important to note that the press release contains forward-looking statements sensitive to risks and uncertainties, and clarifies that this communication isn't intended as legal or investment advice.

About Music Licensing, Inc.

Known also as Pro Music Rights, Music Licensing, Inc. is a diversified holding company and the 5th PRO formed in the U.S. It holds licenses with various well-known platforms and boasts a significant market share with millions of works by prominent artists. The company also owns royalty stakes in notable brands and musical works from an array of famous musicians and composers.

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