No Earbuds: Indie Music Champions Mark Fifth Anniversary with Pomona Festival

Published June 3, 2024

While Southern California may be a hotspot for numerous music festivals, there is an increasing demand for indie-focused events. No Earbuds, a music PR and consulting firm, is tapping into this niche market. The firm's founder, Jamie Coletta, is a University of Hartford alum with major experience in music public relations, including a stint at the revered RCA Records. However, when she faced an unexpected layoff from Sideonedummy Records, Coletta decided to forge her own path.

Determined to advocate for up-and-coming musicians, Coletta established No Earbuds. Now, in celebration of its fifth anniversary, the firm is hosting the No Earbuds Festival in Pomona at two venues—The Glass House and The Haven—on the 15th of June. Highlighting a line-up with acts like Glass Beach, Pool Kids, and Teens in Trouble, the festival is designed to emulate the energetic vibe of famed events like South by Southwest.

Coletta's passion for indie music shines through in her work. From her high school discovery of pop punk to her industry roles advancing careers for artists like Jeff Rosenstock and The Wonder Years, she's consistently followed her musical tastes. At No Earbuds, she has full autonomy to promote artists she truly believes in, from pop punk to indie rock and emo. Her aim with No Earbuds Fest is clear: showcasing the talent that often gets overlooked at larger events, and creating a more inclusive environment for artists of diverse backgrounds.

For Coletta, the festival is not just about recognition; it’s also about proving the viability of independent music in a corporate-dominated festival scene. With the No Earbuds Festival, she’s making a statement that indie culture can attract serious attention and thrive even among the behemoth events. Despite budgetary constraints, Coletta is committed to growing this festival and fostering the development of indie artists in the region and beyond.

Practical Information for Festivalgoers

Attendees can experience the musical offerings of the No Earbuds Festival at both The Glass House and The Haven Pomona. With one ticket providing access to both venues, the festival kicks off at 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 15, promising an intimate yet electric atmosphere for all ages.

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