Air to Perform Iconic '90s Album 'Moon Safari' Live for First Time

Published May 13, 2024

The French electronic duo Air, consisting of members Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel, are set to make history as they perform their quintessential '90s album 'Moon Safari' in full. This marks the first time the band will do so live, taking place at the esteemed Sydney Opera House during the Vivid Sydney event. As they gear up for this landmark performance, the pair reflects on the journey of making the album that defined an era and their unique partnership that brought it to life.

The Backstory of 'Moon Safari'

Released in 1998, 'Moon Safari' quickly found its way into the heart of the '90s music scene, becoming a staple in cafes and social gatherings. It was a product of the bustling Parisian electronic music movement that also gave rise to artists like Daft Punk. Embracing vintage instruments that had fallen out of vogue, Air crafted a sound driven by nostalgia and dreams of the future. Tracks like 'Sexy Boy' illustrated a distinct combination of ambient soundscapes and pop sensibility, gaining the attention of celebrities like David Bowie and Madonna, and leading to opportunities such as scoring Sofia Coppola's 'The Virgin Suicides'.

The Dynamic Duo

Godin and Dunckel's origin story begins in Versailles, where they met as teenagers. Despite differing paths, with Dunckel embracing classical piano and Godin studying architecture, their reunion in the studio sparked a creative force that resonated with audiences worldwide. While the duo admits their relationship is more professional than personal, their contrasting styles and visions contribute to the magic of their music-making process. Air's catalog, with 'Moon Safari' at its helm, stands as a testament to their joint artistry.

Looking Forward to the Performance

The upcoming shows at the Sydney Opera House hold particular significance for Godin, who almost pursued a career as an architect. The venue represents a fusion of his passions, aligning the futuristic essence of 'Moon Safari' with the landmark's cutting-edge design. Fans can anticipate experiencing the beloved album in a live setting, potentially offering a new appreciation for the depths of its artistry.

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