Shannon Noll Collaborates with Jetstar for a Festive Campaign

Published December 3, 2023

Australian rock musician Shannon Noll, popularly known as Nollsy, has recorded a Christmas classic with a twist of Aussie rock, introduced as part of Jetstar's new holiday campaign. This partnership brings together Noll's distinct vocals and Jetstar's brand to create a seasonal promotional effort intended to capture the essence of the Australian festive spirit.

A Musical Merge for Marketing

Noll's collaboration with Jetstar aims to deliver a fresh and energized version of a well-loved Christmas song, infusing it with the energy and style characteristic of Australian rock music. It's tailored not just to resonate with fans of Nollsy but also to serve as a catchy soundtrack for Jetstar's campaign.

Jetstar's Festive Flight Campaign

The airline has launched this campaign as the holiday season approaches, setting the stage for travelers to choose Jetstar for their holiday ventures. The campaign, featuring Shannon Noll's music, seeks to create an upbeat and memorable association with the brand as it gears up for one of the busiest travel periods of the year.

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