Miley Cyrus Clinches First Grammy for 'Flowers', Makes Debut TV Performance of the Hit

Published February 5, 2024

In a remarkable evening of firsts, Miley Cyrus captivated the music world by securing her inaugural Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance for the chart-topping single “Flowers.” The song, which reigned supreme on the international music charts, including a coveted spot at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, marked a momentous occasion for Cyrus who had previously received eight Grammy nods without a win.

A Symbolic Victory

The coveted Grammy was presented to Cyrus by none other than the iconic Mariah Carey. In her acceptance speech, Cyrus recounted an allegory of a boy with a butterfly net to convey her journey with 'Flowers.' She likened her experience to the boy who, after much effort, finds a butterfly alighting on his nose in a moment of stillness, illustrating her own path to success as letting go and allowing the accolade to come to her, just like a butterfly.

Triumph Turns to Celebration

Exemplifying her artistic prowess, Cyrus took to the stage to perform “Flowers” on television for the first time ever, dressed in a dazzling silver outfit. In a heartwarming twist during her rendition, she modified the lyrics to express her elation over the Grammy victory. Additionally, she acknowledged her musical influences and the idols that shaped her, including legends like Tina Turner, Celine Dion, and Dolly Parton, expressing her desire to make them proud.

In a testament to her individuality and carefree spirit, Cyrus unabashedly shared her motivations for her Grammy performance which, framed with humor, reflected a desire to leave a legacy for herself to appreciate in the future.

'Flowers' Blooms Beyond the Stage

The success of 'Flowers' wasn't confined to just the Grammy stage. It acted as a catalyst, propelling her album Endless Summer Vacation to the top of the charts, and setting new records across various platforms. The song's widespread acclaim and Cyrus's additional nominations in multiple Grammy categories, including Album of the Year, made the night an unforgettable ode to her evolving artistry.

To cap off her electrifying performance, Cyrus dramatically dropped the microphone and exited the stage, leaving an indelible impression on the Grammy history books.

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