Recovered Auschwitz Music to Be Performed

Published November 24, 2023

In an upcoming event that connects the present to a somber past, musical pieces found in the remnants of the Auschwitz concentration camp will be heard for the first time following a meticulous restoration project. These compositions, once lost in the shadow of history, carry with them the echoes of a time wrought with suffering and are a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

Discovery of Music Fragments

The journey of bringing these fragments back to life began when composer and conductor Leo Geyer, 31, made a revelatory discovery. During a 2015 visit to Auschwitz, the site where millions suffered and perished under the Nazi regime during World War II, Geyer came across a collection of musical manuscripts. It was an accidental yet significant find for Geyer, particularly as he was there on a mission to create a tribute to the late Martin Gilbert, a renowned British historian and Holocaust expert.

Restoration and Revival

The task of reconstructing the found scores was arduous, demanding both musical expertise and sensitivity towards the work's origins. Through hard work and dedication, the once-incomplete scores have been given new life under Geyer's care. Now restored, this music, created under harrowing circumstances, is set to be performed, offering a unique opportunity to reflect on history through the universal language of music.

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