Pixies Bassist Paz Lenchantin Departs, Sparks Feud Speculation

Published March 5, 2024

The alternative rock band Pixies, renowned for their contribution to the Fight Club movie soundtrack, are facing a lineup change as bassist Paz Lenchantin has left the group after a decade of performance. Lenchantin's exit has been unexpected and abrupt, giving rise to rumors of possible internal conflict within the band.

A Sudden Goodbye

Lenchantin, who became a part of the Pixies in 2014, has been succeeded by Emma Richardson. The announcement of her departure was made by the Pixies, who expressed their gratitude for Lenchantin's contributions and wished her success in future endeavors. Despite the band's outward well-wishes, hinting at an amicable split with the phrase 'La la love you,' Lenchantin's own statements suggest the separation wasn't entirely her choice.

Rumors of a Feud

Lenchantin told Rolling Stone that her departure was as much a 'surprise' to her as it was to fans. Her remarks have fueled speculation about a potential falling out with the Pixies. The news has certainly struck a chord with the band's followers, with many expressing their sadness and frustration over social media.

The Legacy of a Bassist

The Pixies have seen a number of bassists in their lineup, beginning with Kim Deal, who was part of the band from its inception in 1986 up until 2013. Lenchantin joined after the brief tenure of the late Kim Shattuck and had been a permanent fixture since, contributing to albums like the 2019 'Beneath the Eyrie' and the 2022 'Doggerel.'

Pixies to Start Tour With New Bassist

As Lenchantin moves on to pursue personal projects, the Pixies are poised to begin their upcoming tour in Dublin, Ireland. With Emma Richardson taking on the role of bassist, the band looks forward to a new chapter in their extensive musical journey. The tour kickoff is slated for just days following the announcement of Lenchantin's departure, marking a swift transition for the band and its fans.

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