Fred Again Concert Goers Face Difficulties With Transport and Set List at Gold Coast Show

Published March 10, 2024

Fans of the Grammy Award-winning English producer Fred Again faced transport issues and were left perplexed by the set list choices at a recent gig in Gold Coast. The much-anticipated Saturday pop-up concert, which took place at Doug Jennings Park, saw attendees struggle with inadequate shuttle bus services and confusing musical selections.

Transport Troubles Plague Fred Again's Pop-up Concert

Supporters of Fred Again were eager for an electrifying night on the Gold Coast but instead experienced extensive delays. Shuttle buses meant to ease the transit for thousands of attendees resulted in waits of several hours. According to a disappointed concert-goer, Lisa Griffin, a normally quick journey from Australia Fair to the event site took nearly three hours, considerably diminishing the overall experience.

Event Location Criticisms

The choice of Doug Jennings Park as the concert venue drew criticism as well, with attendees arguing that it was not equipped to handle the substantial crowd of about 15,000 people. Though fans like Kirsten Kae still enjoyed the night once inside, the issues of leaving the venue compounded the frustrations, with many opting to walk six kilometers back to their parked cars due to stationary bus queues.

Concert Highlights Despite Issues

Despite the transport woes and the baffling mix of songs during the set, many fans treasured the overall experience, with Griffin calling it “unreal”. However, the disorganized set list, including unexpected songs like those by Justin Bieber, confounded fans. On social media, concert attendees voiced their mixed feelings regarding the seemingly random selection of tracks played during the event.

The popularity of Fred Again in Australia has surged since his debut in the country in January of the previous year, making tickets for his surprise shows highly sought after. The producer's most recent tour in Australia, which also included performances in Melbourne and Sydney, saw over a million fans vying for tickets. In light of the issues faced, future event organizers are expected to reconsider their approach to venue selection and transport arrangement to avoid a repeat of such problems.

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