Hail the Sun Leads Kill Iconic Fest at House of Blues Anaheim

Published March 15, 2024

The dynamic post-punk band Hail the Sun is set to headline Kill Iconic Fest at the House of Blues in Anaheim. This event, taking place on Saturday, March 23, promises a captivating range of performances featuring bands such as Intervals, A Lot Like Birds, Being As An Ocean, Night Verses, and more. With a rich lineup and the energetic atmosphere of the House of Blues, the festival is a highly anticipated gathering for fans of the genre.

Donovan Melero's Endeavors Beyond Performance

Hail the Sun's frontman, Donovan Melero, harbors a deep affection for music that goes beyond his onstage presence. Following his observation of a decline in music magazines that catered to his interests, Melero took matters into his own hands. He created Kill Iconic magazine to not only cover a genre that he saw as underrepresented but to also offer a platform to emerging bands. This festival, not just a celebration of music but also of the community spirit, is an extension of his commitment to promoting new talent.

The Formation and Rise of Hail the Sun

Tracing its roots back to 2009, Hail the Sun was formed in Chico, California. Melero, along with guitarist Aric Garcia, has been a musical collaborator since childhood. They united with lead guitarist Shane Gann and bassist John Stirrat at California State University Chico. The group bonded over diverse musical influences and built their reputation through relentless touring and self-promotion. Their experiences navigating the music industry have given them a unique perspective and a desire to support other up-and-coming bands.

Artistic Evolution and Collaboration

In tune with his creative musings, Melero appreciates songwriting as an art form, and this is reflected in Hail the Sun's latest works. Their album 'Divine Inner Tension,' along with the recent single 'Secondary Worship,' demonstrates a matured lyrical approach. Melero's songwriting evolution suggests a move away from self-deprecating themes, towards narratives that highlight life's ebb and flow without leaning on pain. In their journey towards a refined sound, Hail the Sun has fostered deeper collaborations, including with their touring drummer Allen Casillas and producer Joe Occhiuti.

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