Brazilian Police Investigate Event Organizer After Fan's Death at Taylor Swift Concert

Published November 24, 2023

Brazilian authorities have initiated an investigation into the event organizer Time For Fun, in charge of Taylor Swift's Rio De Janeiro concerts, following the tragic incident where a fan lost her life. The Eras tour recently became a subject for scrutiny after 23-year-old psychology student Ana Clara Benevides Machado collapsed at the venue and later passed away due to cardiorespiratory arrest. Despite soaring heat, the cause of her death is yet to be determined, and it's suggested that the high temperatures might have played a role.

Fan Death Sparks Police Investigation

The Civil Police Department of Rio De Janeiro announced that their probe seeks to ascertain whether there was a 'crime of endangering life and health' of those attending the concerts. Authorities emphasized that this investigation is separate from the case concerning Ana Clara's death. Time For Fun, which organized the event on November 17, has been put under the microscope, particularly for the conditions fans endured at Estadio Nilton Santos stadium during a significant heatwave. Reports claim that inside the venue, the temperature hit extremes of 59 degrees Celsius, a marked increase from the already high outdoor temperature of 37 degrees.

Concerns Over Venue Regulations and Safety

Following his daughter's death, Weiny Machado, Ana Clara's father, has been vocal about wanting to understand the circumstances that led to the catastrophic event, especially after complaints about the venue's policy on bringing water. He questioned the alleged ban on water and the apparent lack of medical assistance at the site. There has been a public outcry for information, with accusations of negligence and inadequate provisions of water for concertgoers who were left parched in the heat. Amidst this controversy, Brazilian legislators are now pushing for legal reform, making it mandatory to provide water at such events to enhance safety for attendees.

While Time For Fun has not directly responded to inquiries about their water policy for the venue, they mentioned that the prohibition of outside water bottles was due to public body regulations. Nonetheless, in an effort to mitigate future risks, the company announced changes to allow attendees to carry sealed water bottles and receive water while standing in queues.

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