Study Reveals Majority of Music Fans Seek AI Restrictions

Published November 28, 2023

A recent study has indicated that most music enthusiasts are supportive of implementing limits on how artificial intelligence (AI) can be utilized in the music industry. The 'Engaging With Music 2023' report by the IFPI, which represents the recording industry worldwide, gathered data from over 43,000 individuals across 26 countries, exploring the public's music engagement and views.

Authenticity in Music

Findings from the survey point out that 79% of respondents believe that the authenticity and human touch in music creation is vital. Authenticity is seemingly a top priority for listeners when enjoying music.

Protecting Artist Rights

The study also brought to light that a large portion of the audience, 76%, are against the idea of AI replicating an artist's work without explicit permission. This sentiment aligns with the 74% who oppose AI cloning or impersonating musicians without consent.

Transparency in AI Use

Additionally, the report underlines that transparency is key when it comes to AI in songwriting, with 73% of the participants advocating for clear disclosures when AI has been used in the music-making process.

These findings emerge amidst debates over AI-generated music. Earlier in the year, an AI-generated track mimicking famous artists was taken down from streaming services and ruled out from Grammy considerations, sparking discussion on the issue.

The Industry's Call for Rules

The Council of Music Makers (CMM) has also voiced their stance, putting forth five key principles for AI in music, which includes respecting musicians' rights and fair monetary distribution for AI-generated music. Moreover, there have been appeals for legal protections addressing the industry's concerns with the rising use of AI technology.

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