Bay Area Legend Faye Carol Celebrates Drummers in Upcoming San Jose Jazz Series

Published March 20, 2024

Beyond her renowned prowess as a jazz and blues vocalist, Faye Carol has a heartfelt appreciation for those setting the rhythm - the drummers. With a decade of collaborative work with pianist Joe Warner, Carol has highlighted top-tier instrumentalists and unsung Black female singers through numerous regional shows. However, in her latest venture, she turns the spotlight onto a musical backbone she holds dear: the drummers.

Partnering with San Jose Jazz, Carol is launching her series, 'Give the Drummer Some,' at the SJZ Breakroom. This series, featuring monthly concerts and complimentary workshops, commenced with drummers Sylvia Cuenca and Dante Roberson and is set to continue with the prodigious Dennis Chambers on March 21. A storied musician, Chambers rose to fame alongside Parliament-Funkadelic and has since built a legacy with some of the biggest names in jazz fusion.

While Chambers is widely recognized for his fusion work, his roots are intricately connected to playing alongside vocalists - a fact often overshadowed by his instrumental fame. His pleasurable experiences working with Carol are indicative of her ability to bring out varied musical facets in her collaborators. Carol's admiration for Chambers is mirrored by the drummer who values the diverse repertoire and swing he's able to play when they unite onstage.

Carol's series continues to bring in illustrious names such as NEA Jazz Master Billy Hart, the fiery Greg Hutchinson, and several other drummers who have made significant contributions to various genres. Throughout the series, she aims to showcase the versatility of these musicians, moving beyond their typical associations and challenging audience expectations. The collaboration with Ron E. Beck, an old friend from Carol's R&B days, and a performance with fusion icon Lenny White are part of this lineup.

The series wraps up with the lesser-known but equally talented Charles Haynes, who despite a lower profile in jazz, has worked with leading lights of the pop world. For Carol, the opportunity to host master classes with these drum virtuosos for the next generation of musicians isn't just a series of events; it's an act of preserving the rich spirit of the music she loves.

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