7 Incredible Bay Area Activities to Enjoy This Weekend

Published March 14, 2024

With or without St. Patrick's Day festivities, the upcoming weekend in the Bay Area holds a treasure chest of delights that range from riveting entertainment to relaxing brewery visits.

1. A Mandolin Love Story

Mike Marshall and Caterina Lichtenberg, each a maestro of the mandolin, aren't just a couple in music but also in life. Their romantic tale inspired a Bay Area composer, resulting in a composition debuting this weekend. Performed by the San Jose Chamber Orchestra, the couple will grace the stage as guest soloists.

2. Riveting Cinema: 'Love Lies Bleeding'

A testament to Kristen Stewart's acting prowess, 'Love Lies Bleeding' showcases her talents in a performance bound to solidify her impressive career.

3. Brewery Adventure

Marking St. Patrick's Day, a weekend brewery trip seems fitting. Explore some exceptional spots in Belmont and Redwood City for a heartening experience.

4. Anticipating 'Top Chef'

While the new season airs next Wednesday, fans can start gearing up with insights about the forthcoming episodes and ways to indulge the food enthusiast within.

5. Dining at Elsie's

Berkeley’s culinary scene is evolving. Cash Caris, formerly of Delirama, opens Elsie's - a restaurant inspired by his grandmother. Get a peek at what this new establishment offers.

6. Catch a Show

The weekend is bursting with performances, from a hilarious take on a Hitchcock classic to profound dances by Robert Moses KIN touching on themes of censorship.

7. St. Patrick's Day Celebrations

Sunday's St. Patrick's Day won't go unnoticed. Here are 13 stellar spots to join in the merriments.

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