Olly Alexander Emerges with a Smile Post Eurovision Setback

Published May 12, 2024

After experiencing a surprising setback at the Eurovision Song Contest, Olly Alexander was recently seen maintaining a cheerful demeanor. Despite the unexpected result where he received zero public votes, the artist showed resilience by smiling as he left his hotel in Sweden. The Years And Years star represented the UK with his track 'Dizzy' at the event held in Malmö, scoring 46 points from the jury but failed to resonate with the public.

Handling Disappointment with Grace

Exiting the Malmö hotel on Sunday morning, Alexander was seen smiling and waved off the press without commenting. He went on to extend his congratulations to the contest winner, Swiss artist Nemo, highlighting his grace in handling disappointment. His commendation to Nemo was shared on social media, marking Alexander's first public statement since the Eurovision outcome.

Support and Criticism in the Aftermath

The public's reaction to Alexander's Eurovision performance has been mixed. Fans expressed their support, noting the difficulty of facing public rejection and commending his song. Meanwhile, his father, David Thornton, expressed surprise over the lack of public connection with the performance, despite a positive jury reception. Speculations of technical sabotages, such as sound failures and criticisms of the artist's live vocals, have also been discussed among viewers and fans alike. Nevertheless, Alexander seemed to remain upbeat, evidenced by his post-event celebrations.

Eurovision Politics and Public Reaction

The Eurovision spectacle is not just about music; political undertones often influence voting, as suggested by some of Alexander’s supporters on social media. Despite this, the star appeared to take the situation in good spirits, focusing on the opportunities for promoting his new music.

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