Our Top Picks from the Memorable 66th Grammy Awards

Published February 5, 2024

The 66th Annual Grammy Awards showcased an unprecedented level of interactivity with its global audience, marking it as a particularly engaging event. Fans from across the globe were glued to their screens as they witnessed their beloved artists take the stage and make history. While there were countless memorable moments, we are delighted to highlight some of our favorites from the evening's festivities.

Enthralling Social Media Buzz

During this year's Grammy Awards, social media platforms were awash with vibrant conversations. The digital chatter eclipsed last year's engagement levels as audience members eagerly shared their take on the night's performances, celebrated victories, and sympathized with those who didn't win.

Historic Wins and Touching Moments

One of the most talked-about occurrences was Jay-Z receiving the 2024 Dr. Dre Global Impact award and using the moment to stand up for his wife, Beyoncé. Victoria Monét also left a lasting impression with her three Grammy wins, further exciting her fans. The evening was also a testament to the fact that artistic recognition knows no age, exemplified by 48-year-old rapper Killer Mike's first Grammy wins and 22-year-old Tyla's triumph as Best African Music Performance.

Celebrating Musical Achievements

It was indeed a remarkable year for the music industry, and the Grammy Awards served as a mirror to the diverse and abundant talent present. The event celebrated the accomplishments of artists, producers, and their teams, rewarding their hard work with the coveted Grammy accolades.

A Gallery of Grammy Highlights

From Victoria Monét's winning moments to Miley Cyrus' first Grammy win, the night was filled with instances that embodied the essence of musical excellence and achievement. The gallery below encapsulates a curated selection of these stand-out moments from the 66th Grammy Awards, each worth revisiting.

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