Gossip Makes a Comeback with 'Real Power' After Over a Decade

Published March 21, 2024

After a long hiatus, Gossip has made a striking return to the music scene with their latest album, 'Real Power'. This marks the trio's first major release since their 2012 album 'A Joyful Noise'. Gossip, which includes Beth Ditto, Hannah Billie, and Nathan Howdeshell, has reemerged during a time when indie sleaze is seeing a revival, reminding many of their impact on the music world with their influential 2006 album 'Standing in the Way of Control'.

Known for their unique blend of soul, gospel, punk, electropop, disco, indie rock, and funk, Gossip stood out with the unapologetic and powerful presence of their frontwoman Beth Ditto. Her distinctive vocals remain a highlight, delivering both smooth crooning and commanding shouts. With the guidance of famous producer Rick Rubin, the latest album steps into a pop sound that Gossip has been exploring since their leap into mainstream attention with 2009's 'Music for Men'.

The opening track 'Act of God' is a direct hit, showcasing groovy Seventies basslines, while the title track 'Real Power' rides on funky guitars and synths, drawing inspiration from 2020's Black Lives Matter protests. Ditto's voice, a staple of the band’s identity, shines through the album, showing versatility and raw emotion.

While the album includes standout tracks, some maintaining the band’s signature sound like 'Give It Up for Love', the overall tempo is more relaxed than their earlier explosiveness. Songs like 'Crazy Again' and 'Peace and Quiet' reflect a milder Gossip, touching on personal themes such as the intricacies of love and Ditto's own marital breakdown.

Die-hard fans might find the album sparing in the raucous energy of Gossip's early days, with the band exhibiting a softened edge. Nevertheless, it suggests an evolution in their artistry, embracing new forms of expression and proving that growth can also be a form of returning to power.

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