Yungblud Rocks Camden Market with Surprise Gig to Announce BludFest

Published March 18, 2024

British musician Yungblud, real name Dom Harrison, thrilled fans with a last-minute, free concert in Camden Market's amphitheater on March 18. This unexpected event was in celebration of his next big venture: BludFest, his very own music festival.

Yungblud's Announcement Shakes Up London

After teasing a significant announcement, Yungblud chose the iconic Camden Market as his stage. A hub of culture and music, the market became an electric arena as he took to the amphitheater near the Amy Winehouse statue for a dynamic five-song performance at 5 PM. During his set, Yungblud officially unveiled BludFest, scheduled for August 11 at Milton Keynes Bowl.

Setlist and Show Highlights

Fans got an energized selection from Yungblud's discography including hits like 'strawberry lipstick', 'The Funeral', and 'I Love You, Will You Marry Me'. The artist used the opportunity to also announce BludFest's lineup featuring artists such as Lil Yachty and Soft Play, hinting at more names to be revealed.

BludFest: More Than Just a Music Festival

The one-day festival aims to be a community-centric experience, promising a 'Make A Friend' tent, free photo booths, a Yungblud museum, and even a recreated version of his favored pub: The Hawley Arms. When asked about headlining a venue that has seen legends like David Bowie and Green Day, Yungblud expressed his awe and determination to push boundaries in celebration of his generation and their growing community.

Ticket Details and New Music Insight

Tickets for the inaugural BludFest will go on sale shortly after Yungblud's surprise performance, promising an event filled with the spirit and defiance the artist is known for. With recent singles like 'When We Die (Can We Still Get High?)' and collaborations with names like Oli Sykes, Yungblud continues to emerge as a significant force in the music industry.

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