The Last Dinner Party Rocks London With Electrifying Baroque-Pop Show

Published February 2, 2024

London's emerging baroque-pop ensemble, The Last Dinner Party, has been stirring excitement with their theatrical live performances, which culminated in a sold-out show at Camden's Roundhouse. This momentous event took place on the brink of their much-anticipated debut album release, with an impressive track record of few but impactful singles.

Mesmerizing Medieval Aesthetics

The stage presentation was nothing short of a spectacle. As the five-piece band, known for their dramatic live circuit presence, emerged into the spotlight, they were draped in medieval-inspired attire that set the scene akin to a renaissance painting. Their commitment to their art form was palpable, evidenced by the crowd's respectful silence as they refrained from filming the show's intimate opening moments during the song 'Beautiful Boy'.

Baroque-Pop Maximalism

However, The Last Dinner Party's serene demeanor was short-lived. Transitioning into their recent single 'Caesar On A TV Screen', frontwoman Abigail Morris captivated the audience with her dynamic stage presence, confirming that their baroque-pop flair is more than a mere facade. The display of musical mastery was evident in each stage corner as the band ran through their electrifying setlist.

The night was a blend of showmanship and raw talent. Morris, with her bashful yet theatrical persona, delivered powerful early album previews, turning new songs like 'The Feminine Urge' and 'Gjuha' into anthems, while 'Portrait Of A Dead Girl' shook the venue with its intensity.

The challenge of performing unfamiliar new material was met with fluctuating crowd energy, but known singles like 'Sinner' easily lit the room on fire. The encore brought the audience a lush experience with a mini orchestra, setting the stage for what felt like the next grand chapter for the band.

The show culminated in a whirlwind of emotion as Morris, amidst throwing roses and the anthem 'Nothing Matters', hinted at the band's future potential to captivate audiences with their full arsenal of songs.

Setlist Highlights

The band performed a diverse array of tracks, from the delicate 'Beautiful Boy' to the rousing 'Nothing Matters', promising an exciting journey ahead for fans and newcomers alike.

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