Heroic Police Action Thwarts Attack at Supernova Music Festival

Published November 20, 2023

Ch.-Supt. Nivi Ohana's Decisive Action During the Supernova Festival Attack

Duty called early for Ch.-Supt. Nivi Ohana, the event commander at the Supernova music festival, held close to the Gaza border. The recount of the October 7 terror attack paints a picture of swift and decisive police action. While Ohana was awaiting his shift replacement at approximately 6:30 a.m., rocket warning sirens pierced the morning calm, signaling immediate danger above.

Ohana quickly stopped the music, alerting attendees that they needed to evacuate promptly, effectively disrupting Hamas's planned massacre and enabling many to escape unharmed. Instrumental to the successful averting of greater tragedy was Ohana's foresight to have increased security, including additional police officers on site, saving countless lives.

The Clash with Hamas Terrorists in Ofakim

Despite the successful evacuation, further chaos ensued as reports of terrorists emerged, leading Ohana towards Ofakim. Ohana, alongside his fellow officers, confronted the attackers in fierce urban combat, revealing a scene of civilians defending their homes alongside under-equipped officers. Through valiant leadership, Ohana managed to overcome the terrorists, even as he suffered injuries from the melee.

Ohana's injuries—a dislocated shoulder and shrapnel wounds—did not dampen his drive, and he soon returned to duty. Through reflection, he recognized the full extent of the day's events, acknowledging the ultimate sacrifices made by some of his officers. Emphasizing their bravery, Ohana regarded the police force as the indefatigable guardians of Israeli safety.

Ohana's actions stand as a testament to police valor, ensuring the survival of many amidst an attempted terror attack.

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