Jess Glynne Contemplated Quitting Music Amidst Harsh Backlash and Death Threats

Published January 27, 2024

Despite her success as a British singer, Jess Glynne's career has faced turbulent times, particularly after an incident in March 2021 where she used a transphobic slur on a podcast, which led to severe criticism.

Jess Glynne's Battle with Music and Happiness

The 34-year-old artist discussed her complex relationship with music, at times thinking of leaving her career behind. 'I fell in and out of love with music,' Glynne expressed. She described her deep unhappiness, feeling like she was perceived more as a product than a person. This sentiment was exacerbated by the intense backlash she received after the slur incident.

Encountering a Hostile Response

The singer recalled feeling overwhelmed by the aggressive behavior of others. The negative reactions, which escalated to death threats, left her questioning how learning and growth are possible in such a hostile environment. At the time, Glynne was unaware that the term she had used was offensive. Her use of it came from a place of celebration for a community she identifies with and adores, rather than from a place of malice.

Seeking Understanding and Education

Glynne hopes for a world where there's room for questions and understanding rather than immediate hostility. She acknowledged her mistake and, in March 2021, issued a heartfelt apology, committing to educate herself on the issues and help others learn from the experience.

Persistence Through Personal Growth

She now seeks to turn the painful chapter into an opportunity for personal growth and a broader dialogue about acceptance and education. As Jess Glynne navigates her personal life and explores a relationship with Alex Scott, she continues to engage with her artistry through a lens of reflection and newfound awareness.

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