Roger Daltrey Warns Against AI’s Threat to the Music Industry

Published March 13, 2024

Roger Daltrey, the famed frontman of The Who, asserts that the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) poses a serious threat to the soul of the music industry. Known for his candid opinions, Daltrey has commented on various aspects of modern technology and its influence on society. In a recent discussion on a podcast, he highlighted his worries about AI, fearing it could ‘destroy’ the music industry.

Artificial Intelligence and Imitation Concerns

Daltrey has observed artists' concerns surrounding AI, especially in instances where it is used to replicate their voices for covers on platforms like TikTok. He worries that the intimate connection artists have with their music, which is essential for expressing empathy, is at risk if AI comes to control the creative process.

The Human Element and Technology’s Impact

Known for his hit 'Pinball Wizard’ and other classics, Daltrey continues to speak about how smartphones and television may be ‘brainwashing’ people. He criticizes the amount of time individuals spend glued to screens, noting that it detracts from real life. Daltrey emphasizes that music is a unique language that should not be usurped by technology lacking genuine human emotion.

The Dangers of AI’s Evolution

The rock legend doesn’t hesitate to share his stark visions of the future, likening potential scenarios to that of a 'Terminator' movie. He fears that a world controlled by AI would not only alter the music industry but could also have far-reaching consequences for humanity as a whole. His concerns extend to the addictive nature of technology, like iPhones, and how it alters human behavior.

Moving Beyond the Screen

Calling sitting the 'new cancer,' Daltrey strongly advocates for a more active lifestyle, encouraging people to look up from their phones and engage with the world around them. He suggests that life should encompass more than just interaction with technology.

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