Punk Band The Damned Continues Rocking Five Decades On

Published March 12, 2024

Half a century has passed since The Damned erupted onto the London punk scene with their debut at the 100 Club, creating a storm of sound that would change music history. These punk rock pioneers, including Captain Sensible, have been keeping the rebellious spirit alive through decades of performances and are not ready to quit any time soon.

The Road to Rebellion

The Damned's journey began alongside the Sex Pistols, but they quickly carved out their own legacy with a unique mix of melody and anarchy. Their intense energy and unpredictable live shows caught the attention of audiences looking for something different from the mainstream rock giants of the time.

Captain Sensible's Enduring Legacy

Now approaching 70, Captain Sensible, born Raymond Burns, reflects on his wild adventures with The Damned. From inviting fans on stage to chaotic performances fueled by youthful excess, these memories bring laughter and a hint of nostalgia to the rocker.

The veteran musician has seen the industry change but insists that the core of rock music - its live, electric energy - is timeless. Getting on stage and delivering an explosive show beats the monotony of everyday life.

A Look at the Past and Present

The Damned, with original members and new, continue to tour and entertain crowds with a diverse selection of tracks. This tour spotlights albums like The Black Album and Strawberries, showcasing their evolution over time. Fans can expect well-loved classics performed with a fresh, energetic twist.

Captain Sensible takes pride in the band's creative dynamism and his own improvement as a guitarist. He regards the ongoing interest in their music as a testament to their enduring appeal.

The Show Goes On

With an impressive past and a present that's still buzzing with excitement, The Damned show no signs of slowing down. Captain Sensible and his crew are living proof that punk rock is not just a phase, but a lifetime's calling that continues to inspire and energize.

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