Perth Musician Honors Cobain with 'Unplugged and Beyond' Tribute Show

Published February 13, 2024

Perth's music scene is set to come alive as local musician Justin Burford steps into the shoes of Kurt Cobain for a memorable tribute performance. This intimate show, titled Come As You Are: Unplugged and Beyond, arrives nearly three decades after the untimely death of the iconic Nirvana lead vocalist, marking the 30th anniversary of a moment that shook the music world.

The Impact of Cobain's Legacy

Kurt Cobain's influence extended beyond just music; he became a cultural phenom transforming the grunge movement into a global phenomenon. The news of his death on April 5, 1994, resonated with fans universally, creating a historical moment comparable to losing a close relative or a figure of John Lennon's stature for many, including Burford himself.

Channeling The Spirit of Grunge

Justin Burford is not unfamiliar with Cobain's artistic persona; as the frontman of Perth band End Of Fashion, and through his theatrical portrayal of Kurt Cobain, he has shown a compelling affinity for the late musician. The special show will reenact the renowned MTV Unplugged In New York session, with Burford's full band recreating the cherished songs, the original ambiance, and the live dialogue, supplemented by additional encore performances to capture the spirit of Nirvana's legacy.

This tribute not only aims to honor the music and memory of Cobain but to continue the conversation he sparked in the rock and grunge communities. Burford invites fans old and new to experience the essence of Cobain's artistry and the powerful messages that are still relevant today.

Come As You Are: Unplugged and Beyond will be hosted at the Astor Theatre on the eve of the 30th anniversary, Thursday, April 4. Enthusiasts can secure their place at this commemorative event via Ticketek.

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