2024 James Beard Award Winners Announced

Published June 11, 2024

The James Beard Foundation's prestigious culinary awards have been presented, and this year's ceremony highlighted an array of gastronomic excellence from across the country. The top accolades were awarded to establishments from Washington, D.C., Portland, Oregon, and New Orleans, marking a night to remember for the culinary scene in these cities.

Outstanding Chef and Restaurant Recognitions

Washington, D.C.'s Michael Rafidi, the visionary behind the Arab-influenced Albi, earned the title of outstanding chef and offered heartfelt recognition to his heritage in his acceptance speech. Meanwhile, a small Thai eatery, Langbaan, charmed judges with its 24-seat tasting menu to clinch the outstanding restaurant award in Portland, Oregon. Not far behind, Dakar NOLA of New Orleans captivated palates with its Senegalese offerings, earning it the title of best new restaurant.

Other Notable Winners

Apart from the top honors, recognition was given to a range of culinary talents across the U.S. Erika and Kelly Whitaker stood out as outstanding restaurateurs for their influential Denver-based dining establishments. In a nod to exceptional service, Chicago’s Lula Cafe walked away with the award for outstanding hospitality.

The night was not just a celebration of culinary talent but also a showcase of growth and change within the James Beard Foundation. It followed a year that saw the foundation overcome challenges, coming back stronger with a sold-out event celebrated by those at the forefront of America's dining culture.

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