7 Wonderful Bay Area Activities to Enjoy This Weekend

Published June 6, 2024

Feeling the early summer breeze? This weekend promises to be a quintessential one filled with joy and sunshine. It’s the perfect time to dive into some exciting Bay Area highlights and make the most out of your days off.

1. A Feast for the Eyes and Ears

The Bay Area is bustling with an array of live outdoor concerts alongside the acclaimed Broadway revival of 'Company.' It's an ideal opportunity for entertainment seekers to revel in the music and performances that the region has to offer.

2. Adventure in Healdsburg

Witness the grandeur of Jordan Vineyard & Winery with its elegant French chateau and sprawling 1,200-acre estate. Renowned for its premium chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon, a visit here guarantees a delightful day out. Don’t miss the chance to explore five other captivating winery tours for a complete experience.

3. A Sumptuous Seasonal Delight

Tickle your taste buds with a delectable summer salad featuring juicy grilled peaches and creamy burrata. This dish is not just a treat for the palate but also a hit for home cooks seeking refreshing culinary ventures.

4. A Riveting TV Drama

Catch the enthralling new TV series on FX that chronicles the fall from grace of the infamous L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling. It's sure to add some thought-provoking drama to your watch list.

5. A Unique Pairing: Beer and Ice Cream

Though it may sound unconventional, beer and ice cream floats are indeed a thing. Be daring and give this quirky combination a try – you might just discover your new favorite dessert.

6. Celebrating Sondheim Musically

TheatreWorks Silicon Valley is unveiling a new musical featuring the songs of the celebrated Stephen Sondheim. This premiere marks a continuing tribute to the late composer's legacy in the Bay Area.

7. Exploring Ancient Chinese Dynasties

Dive into history at the Asian Art Museum exhibit that delves into two ancient Chinese kingdoms from 3,000 years back. It’s a rare glimpse into the rich cultural heritage and artistic achievements of early civilizations.

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