Behind the Scenes: The Struggle to Bring NewJeans to the 2023 BBMAs Stage

Published November 20, 2023

K-pop sensation NewJeans captivated millions with their stunning appearance at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards, but what many don't know is the backstage drama that nearly prevented this performance from taking place.

The Challenge of Getting NewJeans on Board

Music critic Kim Young Dae disclosed on SBS News Radio a little-known fact about the journey to NewJeans' BBMAs debut. The Billboard organization faced surprising resistance when trying to confirm NewJeans for the show, which is uncommon in an industry where acts typically fight for such exposure.

"Billboard had to work long and hard for NewJeans to perform at their award show. It was ultimately NewJeans' choice to give the performance," Kim Young Dae explained, suggesting a shift in power dynamic showing the group's leverage and prominence.

The news of this unusual situation drew significant attention and admiration from the K-pop community, highlighting NewJeans' significant pull as they rise to global fame.

Fan Reactions to the Insider Revelation

Fans, or 'Bunnies' as they are endearingly called, took to social media to express their support and eagerness for the performance. The fanbase showed en masse excitement and pride in NewJeans' achievements and the group's perseverance in deciding to take the BBMAs stage.

Despite the unexpected behind-the-scenes negotiations, NewJeans delivered a show-stopping act at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards. Their exceptional performance underlined their status as leading figures in the K-pop world and showcased their dedication to their craft.

Their participation at the BBMAs embodied the endurance and flair of NewJeans, proving that their talent is more than enough to overcome any hindrance and highlighting the potential in store for their future projects.

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