Rapper Killer Mike Detained Following Grammy Wins

Published February 5, 2024

Rapper Killer Mike has faced an unexpected twist following his success at the 2024 Grammy Awards. After winning Best Rap Performance, Best Rap Song for the track 'Scientists & Engineers', and Best Rap Album for his work titled 'Michael', the artist was seen escorted in handcuffs outside the Crypto.com Arena.

The arrest was said to be for a minor offense unrelated to the Grammy events according to reports from media. There is speculation that Killer Mike could be released later the same evening. Despite the arrest, no official statements have been made by the artist's representatives.

The incident occurred shortly after Killer Mike received his awards, which he spoke about with enthusiasm and encouragement for others to pursue their dreams regardless of age, citing hip-hop's enduring spirit.

Killer Mike, who has previously expressed a strong desire to win a Grammy, accomplished his goal only to be met with an unforeseen setback due to the arrest. As he took pride in his Grammy victories, he also addressed those who view age as a barrier in the rap industry, emphasizing the longevity of the hip-hop genre as a whole.

The 2024 Grammy Awards also highlighted other notable moments, such as Joni Mitchell's career reflection and Boygenius commenting on their group dynamics amidst rumors of a potential break.

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