Electronic Musician Awarded $1.5 Million Over Defamation Claims

Published March 12, 2024

A Montreal-based electronic music artist, known by his stage name Snails and legally named Frederik Durand, has recently won a significant victory in a defamation lawsuit. The lawsuit was against allegations made on social media that labeled him a sexual predator, an accusation he fervently denied. The outcome was a $1.5 million award in favor of Durand, who described the entire situation as a nightmare that severely impacted his life and career.

Defamation Suit Triumph

The judgment, handed down by the Edmonton Court of King’s Bench Justice Nicholas Devlin, came as a relief to Durand, whose income plummeted dramatically following the allegations. Durand formerly performed upwards of 150 shows a year, a figure that dropped steeply after the disputed social media posts spread. The Instagram account '@evidenceagainstsnails' had reposted claims against Durand, which the court found to be baseless and damaging.

Durand's Career Recovery

Once at the height of his artistic career with earnings close to $3 million, Durand faced a staggering loss in 2022 due to the controversy. Yet he remained resilient, maintaining extensive electronic data records that ultimately helped prove his innocence in court. In a ruling that awarded Durand $1.5 million, Justice Devlin emphasized that the case should not reflect negatively on the Me Too movement, but rather serves as a specific instance of justice where allegations were unfounded.

Permanent Injunction and Future Outlooks

Alongside the monetary award, the court imposed a permanent injunction against Michaela Higgins, the California resident who made the accusatory social media posts, forbidding her from implying Durand has committed any sexual wrongdoing. Durand now seeks to rebuild his life and career with the goal of leaving the horrors of this ‘pure nightmare’ behind him. With this legal victory, he hopes to regain his standing in the music industry and continue his passion for electronic music.

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