Madonna's Team Responds to Lawsuit Over Concert Delays

Published January 27, 2024

Madonna's Celebration Tour has been met with controversy, but it's supposed to be a symbol of resilience and joy after the pop icon's significant health scare in 2023. However, for some fans, the experience has been marred by frustration. A couple of concert attendees, Michael Fellows and Jonathan Hadden, expressed their disappointment after experiencing a substantial wait of nearly two hours before Madonna took the stage on December 13 at the Barclays Center. Their displeasure led them to file a legal complaint against the music star.

Concertgoers' Lawsuit Over Delay

These two fans weren't alone in their discontent; reports suggest that similar complaints have emerged from attendees of Madonna's European shows. In response to the lawsuit, and to address the narratives about Madonna's punctuality, her management team has come forward to counter the claims. They stated that aside from the technical hiccup that occurred during a soundcheck that same day, causing a well-publicized delay, the tour has proceeded as scheduled.

Management's Defense Against Legal Action

Madonna's representatives assert that they are prepared to mount a strong defense. They acknowledged the technical issues on December 13 but emphasized that it was an isolated incident. Despite the legal challenge, the Celebration Tour remains underway, and fans can check the remaining dates as the show goes on.

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