Mad Caddies Unveil New Album 'Arrows Room 117' and Announce Upcoming California Shows

Published March 14, 2024

Renowned California ska-punk group Mad Caddies have recently stirred up excitement within their fan base with news of their latest musical endeavor. Following their crowd-pleasing performance at the Cali Vibes festival earlier this year, the band is looking forward to showcasing their fresh tracks from their upcoming album 'Arrows Room 117' during their May tour dates.

Solvang-Based Ska-Punk Ensemble Readies New Record

Mad Caddies, hailing from Solvang since their formation in 1995, are no strangers to the music scene. With a history spanning nearly three decades, they are ready to add a new chapter to their discography. 'Arrows Room 117,' set for release on March 15, marks another milestone for the six-piece ensemble as they continue to evolve their distinctive meld of ska, punk, reggae, and other musical influences.

Local Shows to Celebrate 'Arrows Room 117'

To share the vibrancy of their new work, the Mad Caddies have lined up a series of local shows. Californians will have the opportunity to indulge in the band's eclectic sound at the Echoplex in Los Angeles on May 2, followed by an engagement at the Holding Company in San Diego on May 18, and culminating with the 1st Annual Caddielina Wine Mixer at the House of Blues Anaheim on May 19.

Chuck Robertson, guitarist-vocalist and founding member, speaks to the band's journey and excitement for their upcoming tour. 'We're going to play a little bit of everything. We do our old-school songs, new songs off the new records. It's a good time,' Robertson shares enthusiastically.

A Look into Mad Caddies' Rich Musical Legacy

With seven full-length albums, one live album, two EPs, and over half a million albums sold, Mad Caddies' musical journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Right from the start, they've embraced a dynamic approach to their artistry, blending various genres and ensuring that each record stands out from the last. Robertson reflects on the band's growth over the years, from their beginnings of fiery ska and punk to exploring reggae, jazz, rock, and world music.

'Arrows Room 117' – A Tapestry of Personal Experiences

The new album is distinctly personal for Robertson, drawing inspiration from his travels across California and life experiences. The title track takes its name from the room in which it was written, encapsulating tales of small town chatter and experiences, diverging from the theme of his son, whom he frequently visits in Lake Tahoe. The album traverses love, loss, and new beginnings, while staying true to the Mad Caddies' blend of reggae, rock, ska, and even country.

Mad Caddies Embark on a Musical Homage to California

In 'Palm Trees and Pines,' the band crafts what Robertson describes as 'the quintessential California song,' an ode that goes beyond the cliché images of Los Angeles and San Francisco to celebrate the state's natural diversity.

As Mad Caddies prepare for their upcoming performances, they do so on the heels of a successful set at Cali Vibes and with great anticipation for the road ahead. With new material and a series of shows in the pipeline, fans are in for a treat as the Mad Caddies continue to chart their unique course through the music world.

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