Los Angeles Band Fidlar Celebrates Christmas with a Unique Desert Party

Published December 4, 2023

The Los Angeles-based rock trio, Fidlar, known for their punk and grunge influences, are taking their holiday spirit to the next level. Band members Zac Carper and Brandon Schwartzel are transforming their personal tradition of extravagant holiday decorations into a festive public celebration called 'FIDmas.' The event, now in its second year, will be held at Pappy & Harriet's in Pioneertown on Friday, Dec. 15, promising attendees an immersive Christmas experience complete with acoustic performances, Christmas tracks, B-sides, and a hint of new music.

FIDmas: A Continuation of a Christmas Tradition

The roots of FIDmas lie in the bandmates' shared apartment, where Schwartzel's love for the holiday season would turn their living space into a winter wonderland each year post-Thanksgiving. With the intent to start small and grow it over time, FIDmas was born, bringing holiday joy in the form of a music show accentuated with Christmas decorations.

Fidlar's celebration isn't just about decking the halls; they're also bringing their music to the forefront, stripping down for acoustic versions of their songs and unveiling new material. Attendees can expect a variation of tunes including festive melodies, lesser-known B-sides, and maybe a sneak peek at what's next for the band.

A Glimpse into Fidlar's Musical Journey

Fidlar is more than just holiday cheer; they've carved out a niche in the rock scene with three full-length albums. Their eponymous debut album features party anthems steeped in tales of substance use, while 'Too' offers a sobering reflection on the aftermath of such lifestyles. 'Almost Free' veers into a jumbled array of genres, touching on society's woes amidst funky beats and hip-hop flares.

In the years since their last album release in 2019, the band shared a raw and raucous EP inspired by a DMT ceremony. Having moved on to a new phase creatively and personally, the band finds inspiration from indie rock and maximizing live performance energy. Their recent singles maintain their signature heavy guitar riffs while also exploring more melodic and introspective themes.

The Road Ahead for Fidlar

As the band continues to tour and release singles, another full album may be in the works. For now, Fidlar is focused on live shows, harnessing the raw, electrifying energy that has been a hallmark of their performances from the start. With a tour alongside Oliver Tree and their own headlining shows on the horizon, fans have plenty to look forward to in the coming year.

'FIDmas' is more than just a concert; it symbolizes Fidlar's growth, their connection to their fans, and a shared love for the holiday season that goes beyond traditions. It's a time to celebrate music, community, and the power of transformation that this season often inspires.

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