Giorgi Mikadze Trio Debuts 'Face to Face: Georgian Songbook Vol. 1'

Published January 30, 2024

The jazz ensemble known as the Giorgi Mikadze Trio introduces their album 'Face to Face: Georgian Songbook Vol. 1', finalizing the record in an absorbing manner with a snippet of studio chatter. This candid moment caps off the album, with Giorgi Mikadze's words 'Let's start' hinting at more to come.

A New Chapter of Eastern-European Jazz Fusion

The album serves as a cultural convergence, merging jazz with Eastern European influences and boasting interpretations of pieces by Georgian composers, primarily known for their contributions to film, animation, and theater scores. Each track is an exploration and celebration of these cross-genre landscapes.

Mikadze Spearheads with International Collaborators

Georgia-born Mikadze, a pianist who honed his craft in the United States, leads his trio with the synergy of French talents François Moutin on bass and Raphaël Pannier on drums. This international triad uses their diverse backgrounds to create a plethora of rich, engaging sounds.

Standout Interpretations and Originals

The trio's renditions of classics like Giya Kancheli's 'A Magic Egg' and Shota Milorava's 'Same Garden' stand out due to their whimsical and Broadway-evoking arrangements. The album delights with the versatile drumming of Pannier on Sulkhan Tsintsadze's 'Dolls Are Laughing' and the melodious exchange between piano and percussion on Rusudan Sebiskveradze's 'Wind Takes It Anyway'.

Apart from adaptions, Mikadze brings his own compositions to the table. Tracks like 'Nana' and 'Satchidao' showcase the trio's dexterity with rhythm and harmony, while 'After the Tale' transitions from a quiet piano introduction to a dynamic, full-ensemble piece.

A Promising Commencement

For the Giorgi Mikadze Trio, 'Face to Face' signifies more than just an album release—it's the beginning of an innovative journey through the fusion of jazz and Georgian culture. It sets high expectations for subsequent volumes in this musical series.

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