Heineken Celebrates Afrobeats with Sponsorship of Afrozons Pre-Grammy Party

Published January 27, 2024

Heineken has proudly announced its latest endeavor to support the vibrant rise of Afrobeats music by sponsoring the eagerly awaited Afrozons African Pre-Grammy party. This event stands as a highlight within Heineken's 150th anniversary celebrations, which were marked at a press briefing in the bustling city of Lagos.

A Night of Music and Tributes

The stage is set for an evening full of rhythm and culture, led by Sheila O, a member of the Grammy Academy and a powerhouse in the music industry. The pre-Grammy party is set to unfold as a tribute to Afrobeats, a genre that has now firmly made its mark on the global music scene. As part of the celebration, Heineken will also be paying homage to legendary musicians Fela Anikulapo Kuti, King Sunny Ade, and Femi Kuti. These icons of African music have not only garnered Grammy nominations but have also paved the way for Afrobeat's presence in the international music landscape.

Adding to the significance of the night will be the celebration of the new Grammy category dedicated to African music, 'Best African Performance'. This acknowledgment is a testament to the growing importance of the genre on a global scale.

Heineken's Commitment to African Music

Kola Akintimehin, Senior Brand Manager at Heineken, Nigerian Breweries Plc., reflected on the partnership, stating, 'We see the immense potential of African music and are proud to support its growth as a brand. Our sponsorship of the Afrozons African Pre-Grammy party is a pinnacle moment in our 150th anniversary celebration, signifying our commitment to cultural richness and honouring the legendary contributions of music icons like Fela Anikulapo Kuti, King Sunny Ade, and Femi Kuti. Their impact on the global music stage aligns seamlessly with Heineken's legacy of global excellence. Together, we can inspire and be inspired by the rich tapestry of culture and music that surrounds us.'

Heineken's involvement not only reinforces the significant night ahead but also underlines its sustained commitment to nurturing the African music and entertainment industry, fueling excitement and confidence among fans and artists alike.

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