Dolly Parton's Rock Music Venture Hits a New Career High

Published November 28, 2023

At 77, the legendary Dolly Parton has achieved a formidable milestone with her latest double album, 'Rockstar', reaching number three on Billboard’s 200, making it the highest charting album of her over six-decade-long career. Parton, who has predominantly been known as a country music icon, surprised many by venturing into the realm of rock, but her history with the genre is notably deep rooted and influential.

Diving into Rock

Parton's 'Rockstar' is not just an album but also a star-studded collaborative project, boasting contributions from revered artists like Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and Joan Jett, among a list of esteemed collaborators. The expansive album consists of 30 tracks, including rock covers and duets that showcase Parton's versatility and undeniable connection to the rock genre.

The Essence of 'Rockstar'

The 'Rockstar' album might not be celebrated as her best work but it highlights Parton's admiration for rock. Her take on songs from bands like Collective Soul and Led Zeppelin even before this album shows that she has always had a rock spirit in her country roots. 'Rockstar' is a celebration of this, tying together Parton's past and present and reinforcing her powerful presence in the music industry.

A Diverse Music Legacy

From her initial reluctance to accept her Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nomination to her ultimate embrace of the title, Parton's career exemplifies her transformative approach to music genres. Her undeniable influence across music spectrums showcases her mastery and the rock 'n' roll spirit she's carried throughout her career. Songs like 'Shine' and her duet with John Fogerty in 'Rockstar' serve as testament to this. Moreover, her vibrant history of collaborations and covers expresses her deep connection to the broader world of music, not confined to a single genre.


As an artist who has continually defied expectations, Parton reaffirms with 'Rockstar' that genre is no boundary for her creative expression. Her journey through the musical landscape proves that rock has always been a part of her diverse portfolio, making 'Rockstar' not just a new achievement but a continuation of her storied musical exploration.

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