Dolly Parton Ventures into Rock with New Album 'Rockstar'

Published November 18, 2023

Country icon Dolly Parton expands her musical repertoire with an exciting venture into the realm of rock & roll, presenting her fans with a brand new album titled Rockstar. This remarkable project showcases a fusion of her classic country roots with the edgy sounds of rock, demonstrating Parton's versatility and enduring passion for music.

Collaborative Efforts

What makes Rockstar particularly special is that it is the product of collaboration with various friends and notable artists from the music industry. The blend of different talents and styles provides a fresh take on rock music that retains the unique essence of Dolly Parton's artistry. Her willingness to explore new genres and team up with others for this album underscores the collaborative spirit of the music world.

The Influence of Music Legends

In a conversation with NPR's Juana Summers, Dolly Parton delves into the experiences and influences that led to the creation of Rockstar. Listeners can expect a captivating mix of Parton's narrative songwriting complemented by the dynamic energy of rock & roll. This album adds a new chapter to Parton's illustrious career, marking her first full-fledged rock release and once again showing her ability to captivate audiences beyond the country genre.

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