Scottish Singer Lulu Bids Farewell to Touring

Published February 3, 2024

At the impressive age of 75, Lulu, the Scottish pop icon, has decided to draw the curtain on her touring days with a final celebratory tour named Champagne For Lulu. With six decades of performing live under her belt, Lulu declares that while she'll never stop singing, the rigors of touring are behind her. She aims to embrace a different way of life moving forward, though special concerts might still occasionally see her name in lights.

The Swansong Tour

Her career has been illustrious, spanned several generations, and has seen Lulu form friendships with legends such as Sir Paul McCartney and Sir Elton John. As she embarks on this farewell tour, there's excitement and speculation around which stars might join her on stage, as her connections in the music industry run deep and wide.

Lulu's Remarkable Journey

Lulu's tale is one of determination and resilience. From a challenging childhood in post-war Glasgow, she emerged as a shining star, at age 14, with her debut hit being a powerful rendition of the Isley Brothers' Shout. The industry may have been daunting, especially during the 1960s, but Lulu found strength and protection through her formidable manager, Marion Massey, who stood by her for over a quarter of a century.

Turbulent Times and Triumphs

Her stint with Eurovision and 'Boom Bang-a-Bang' in 1969 was both a high and a low, with her soulful credibility questioned and her subsequent relationship with David Bowie, which was both personal and professional, providing a revival in her career. Bowie's respect for her voice brought new opportunities, including her acclaimed cover of The Man Who Sold The World.

Personal Struggles to Steady Ground

Despite her public persona, Lulu has had her share of private struggles, from her divorce from Maurice Gibb to her reconciliation with Bowie before his passing. She married hairdresser John Frieda, bore a son, and faced the pain of separation when he moved to the States. However, Lulu's innate optimism and long-standing practice of meditation have seen her through the highs and lows.

The Next Chapter

Today, Lulu's focuses are diverse: starring in the comedy-drama Arthur's Whisky, authoring a new memoir, and developing a documentary and album. Her farewell tour is a celebration of her remarkable journey, one marked by adversity, but ultimately defined by her indomitable spirit and enduring talent.

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